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Editing shop floorplans

Click on the Floorplan sub-tab.

The shopping list prints items in the order in which you normally walk around a shop. So that Shop 'Til You Drop knows what that order is, you can use the Sequence page to set up the aisle sequence. However, it is easier to set up the correct sequence if you can see the aisles on the shop's floorplan.

Select the shop which you want to edit from the list at the top-right.

Before you can add aisles to the floorplan you must select the aisles for the shop using the Sequence page.

You can place aisles one at a time by clicking on the button or right-clicking on the floorplan and choosing Add aisle. This opens a list of available aisles. Drag the aisle name from the list to the floorplan to place it.

You can also place all unplaced aisles at once by clicking on the or right-clicking on the floorplan and choosing Add all unplaced. Aisles will be placed at the cursor position or at the top-left of the floorplan view.

Move the aisles around the floorplan by clicking on them to select and then dragging the selected aisles. You can select more than one aisle by using the Ctrl key. Click on the button or right-click and choose Select all to select all the aisles on the floorplan.

You can resize an aisle by selecting it and then dragging one of the square handles at a corner of the aisle.

To delete aisles, select the aisles and click on the button or right-click and choose Delete selected.

To set the aisle sequence select one and only one aisle on the floorplan. This will be the start of the following sequence. Click on the button or right-click and choose Set sequence, the cursor changes to a pointing hand. Click on the next aisle in the sequence, ie. the one which is to come after the first aisle you chose. This will change the order of only one aisle. To change the order of several aisles at once, hold down the Ctrl key when you click on each subsequent aisle. Cancel the sequencing function by right-clicking.

You can turn the green sequence arrows off and on by clicking on the button or right-clicking and choosing Sequence arrows.

Toolbar buttons

Hover the cursor over the icons to see what they do.

Add aisles from list Add all unplaced aisles Select all Set aisle sequence Delete selected aisles Display sequence arrows Print floorplan

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