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Shop 'Til You Drop

Getting started

Introducing Shop 'Til You Drop

How Shop 'Til You Drop works

Clearing the sample data

Converting from older versions


Data maintenance

Editing categories

Editing shops

Editing items

Editing the shopping list

Editing prices from the till receipt

Editing shop aisle sequences

Editing shop floorplans

Copying a shop

Optimizing the shopping list

Viewing optimization details

Undoing shopping list optimization

Deleting unused product types


Printing the fridge list

Printing the shopping list

Printing the master item list

Printing the price comparison form

Printing a shop floorplan

Setting printer options

Database maintenance

Repairing the database

Backing-up your data

Restoring data from a backup


Setting options

Exiting from the program

Checking for program updates


File menu

Edit menu

Tools menu

Database fields

System requirements

Version information

Terms of use

How to get support

Ordering / registration

Ordering / registration

Shop 'Til You Drop is a shareware product. This program has been provided so that you may evaluate its features and suitability for a trial period of 30 days before purchasing. We hope that you enjoy the program and that you will find it of use. In the event that you wish to continue using it after 30 days you must purchase a registration key.

Discounts may be available. Please check our Web site for current special offers and promotions.

The registration fee is only 9.99 GBP. We will email your username and registration key to you so that you can unlock the full features of the program. Registration also gives you access to telephone support, periodic notification of future releases and discounts on upgrades.

The easiest and quickest way to order Shop 'Til You Drop is from our Web site. We will email your registration key to you within 24 hours.
Use the "Help | Register" function to enter the registration key into Shop 'Til You Drop. This will unlock the full features of the program.